My name is Bruno Schaatsbergen. I tend to dabble in writing code, publishing/reading of papers and teaching others about computers.

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Can't we all just agree?

The most often-cited papers on the theory of highly-available distributed systems. Lets explore and talk about distributed consensus. The core algorithms behind these papers, Paxos and Raft.

Pre-jitting in AWS Lambda

Using CrossGen (part of CoreCLR) to reduce the critical cold start latencies from a .NET Lambda function by pre-jitting the assemblies and storing it in a Lambda layer.

Consistent hashing

Lets talk about data distribution, load balancing, replication patterns and keeping track of our sharded data by using consistent hashing to find the right node.

What is a container?

In this article we'll discover the container paradigm, what containers are made up of and why they are great. Join me for a deep dive on some of the most important Linux kernel features that allow us to create 'containers'.

Behind the scenes, AWS Lambda

Curious about how AWS implemented Lambda functions? Lets take a closer look to what Lambda functions are.

.NET Memory Management

Lets take a look under the hood of the CLR to cover some important CLR memory concepts and discuss best practices for memory management.

Terraform remote state locking

Terraform can lock your state for all operations that could write state. This prevents others from acquiring the lock and potentially corrupting your state.